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The considerable angle of the LT intakes can cause issues routing inlet plumbing and clearance to aftermarket accessory brackets. One option is to mount the throttle body upside-down, BUT this changes the air flow to the intake and can cause poor cylinder distribution and drivability issues. The 717-15 levels the throttle body for these swap applications without changing the flow the GM design intended. Other four-bolt intakes with routing issues can also benefit from this adapter. Low RPM correct Low RPM with throttle body upside-down LT car intake blade orientation shown above. Other LS and LT are reversed but the same effect applies. Benefits: • Maintains proper throttle body blade orientation. • Eliminates drivability issues associated with inverting the throttle body • Allows clearance to aftermarket accessory brackets • No harness rerouting or extending required • Allows use of cable operated & other throttle bodies on Gen-V 5.3L Intakes Intake applications: • Works with both truck and car LT intake bolt patterns • Works with all 4-bolt LS intake bolt patterns Throttle body applications: • Works with up to 95mm intakes and throttle body openings. Does not work with larger openings. • Works with common LS and LT 104 x 70mm bolt pattern throttle bodies. • Will not work with 98 x 70mm LT truck throttle bodies. • Adapts LT 5.3L Truck intakes to Common LS 104 x 70mm Bolt Pattern - fits most LS & LT Throttle Bodies. • Works with Holley 92/95mm Hi-Ram and Mid-Ram intakes.